Water and Salt

Simply a classicLight and crunchy, the Dallas  Water and Salt biscuit is a great choice, either pure, or accompanied by pâtés and cheeses. 

Butter Cracker 

The crispness of biscuit Cracker with the addition of the slight texture of butter. It is more taste for you!

Cream Cracker 

Crack of crunchy, super tasty and toasted, Cream Cracker Dallas can’t miss in your snack, whenever you want.  

Cream Cracker Hole

Lightthin and crunchy, the Cream Cracker Hole Dallas combines with patés and cheeses. And the best: it is made with wheat fiber, which helps regulate your intestine.  

Cream Cracker Light

Very light, thin and crunchy, Cream Cracker Light Dallas combines with pate and cheese. And the best: it comes with less than 30% of fats.